A unit for mixing oil products (mixer)

The main purpose is to mix various oil products in vertically arranged cylindrical tanks at various enterprises, such as oil producers, oil refineries, and petrochemical companies. Also, such units are widely used in tank warehouses and bitumen manufacturing plants. The purpose of the use is to create a homogeneous structure, mix petroleum products and prevent the formation of precipitation in tanks.

The main scope: the production of oils, gas oil, naphtha, tar, motor fuels, gasoline and other petroleum products from primary components. These and similar petroleum products are obtained by mixing, the main purpose of which is to average the characteristics. Also, the mixing of oil and oil products helps to prevent separation and precipitation while preserving oil and oil products in storage. When storing petroleum products with a high temperature (up to 200°C), the main task of mixing is the same thermal distribution of temperature over the entire volume of the oil tank.

The main advantages of using mixers include efficiency. Firstly, it is a reduction in energy costs. Secondly, an increase in the service life of tanks by an average of 15-17 years, thirdly, the absence of the need to stop the tanks for cleaning due to the almost complete absence of bottom sediments, pumps that can be used for other needs are freed); aggregates for mixing petroleum products allow you to get homogeneous petroleum products directly in the tanks. In comparison with the technology of mixing by blowing with air, there is no effect of moisturizing and oxidation.

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