About the company

The Tula Mashiny LLC company produces industrial mixers for various purposes: the frame and paddle mixers, turbine, milling and propeller mixers, as well as folding mixers for a Eurocube. Capacities are made of various sizes and types: steel from carbon and stainless steel, plastic, etc.)

In addition to selling equipment in single copies, we design process lines and help you choose the best option for your production, taking into account many factors.

Individually for each client can be mounted in heat-exchanging devices (coils, heaters), reflective walls, etc.

The main directions of the enterprise are the development and manufacture of various devices with mixing devices. The company is engaged in the production of containers with agitators for a variety of processing industries.

Manufactured containers have different modifications, performance and capacity. They can be multi-wall, under pressure, vacuum, heat-insulated, with the presence of heat carriers, for aggressive and neutral environments, etc.

Our company offers the following mixers, agitators and devices with mixers:

  • devices with various mixers for liquids;
  • turbines and propeller units for use with high viscosity fluids;
  • devices for working with bulk materials;
  • apparatus for working with high viscosity liquids and anchor, as well as frame mixers;
  • apparatuses with belt and screw mixers for working with high viscosity liquids;
  • V-shaped mixers;
  • mixers with screw, turbine, disk mixers;
  • drum mixers.

Our company is engaged in the manufacture of mixers of various types that have different purposes and methods of operation. Such mixers are most often used in the pharmaceutical, glass, paint and varnish and other industries.

Here you can find, order and purchase the following equipment:

1. Industrial mixers

  • forced action mixers;
  • turbine mixers;
  • bladed;
  • bicylindrical;
  • auger;

non-standard mixers according to your own drawing and individual requests.

2. Industrial mixers (necessary for uniform mixing of products)

  • vacuum homogenizing mixers;
  • tight mixers;
  • tinting;
  • non-standard mixers for different production.

3. Apparatuses with mixing devices (for obtaining homogeneous liquids: water, oils, fats, etc.). Most often, such equipment is required in the paint and varnish industry for the production of paints, putty materials, varnishes, etc.

4. Devices for the paint and varnish industry —

  • mixers — dissolvers;
  • capacitive devices;
  • dispersants;
  • wall mounted mixers;
  • reactors with mixers.

5. Equipment for mixing perfumery, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries

  • for mixing a variety of suspensions, powder and solid materials;
  • acceleration of certain chemical reactions;
  • mixing mutually soluble media;
  • intensification of heat transfer, mass transfer;
  • mixing gases and liquids;
  • dissolution of solid and pasty substances.

All equipment manufactured by us is certified and made of high-quality materials:

  • of stainless steel;
  • carbon steel;
  • expensive alloys, etc.

It is also possible to manufacture equipment according to customer drawings or a special technical task. We provide warranty service and can boast of vast experience in manufacturing a wide variety of equipment for working in the industry.