LLC Tula Mashiny offers you a familiarization with the products of our company. We have rich experience in the production of containers of various designs, volumes and modifications. Capacitive equipment is made of ferrous and stainless metal of various brands. There is the possibility of designing products for a specific task, as well as manufacturing according to customer drawings.

Silois a metal vessel designed to store bulk materials. For example sand, gravel, grain, etc.

Standard silo applications:

  • The construction industry. It can be used as a warehouse of cement and gravel on concrete mixing units. It can also serve as a consumable hopper in the production of dry mortar.
  • Agriculture. It is used as storage in places of transhipment and storage of grain and other crops.
  • The mining industry. It can be a warehouse of mined rocks.

Silo design
Depending on the tasks, silos can be of different designs. Volume, geometry, means of amplification can change. The geometry of the silos can be either in the form of a cylinder or in the form of a rectangle. The advantage of a cylindrical shape lies in the absence of angles, and hence places of caking of the material. With reduced flowability of raw materials, it is possible to use vibrators and shakers in the lower part of the silo. The silo discharge opening can be equipped with a gate as well as a sector feeder. Often, a screw conveyor is attached to the discharge flange, which allows moving the raw materials to the desired distance. Silos can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Typical silos.

SeriesCapacity, m3Capacity (in cement), tDiameter, mmDimensions
1BS- 2.3622-6129-812360Download